By Faith I Understand

Jesus said that His words are Spirit and they are Life. By faith we understand that the worlds were created by His words. We can learn to understand how faith works by allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us the truths of what Jesus said. You will gain strength in your Faith by the Word. 

The power of Thankfulness

Giving thanks to the Lord is fundamental to completing our faith in Jesus. What a heart of thankfulness has is the ability to focus on the things of the Lord over the things of the world. 

Always Look Up

Every word Jesus spoke was planting life seed within every heart. We have the choice of what type of soil the seed will land on. Jesus gave thanks for what He had and then blessed it. This act of faith was in response to what He saw the Father doing. Look up ( Anablebo) means […]

Faith is Now

Faith is the powerful substance and evidence that brings all we need into the physical realm. Jesus teaches us to use our voice and speak whatever we need. We speak it out of what Jesus has already provided for us. Learning to use your faith is the key to a victorious life. 

Change your Attitude

We have the control over what we think and how we feel. Paul tells us that we need to put on Christ as well as get a new mind. Listen and understand how to change your world from the inside out. 

The Power in the Seed

When we learn to trust the word of God over our physical senses the power of the SEED walks in the supernatural. 

Sozo Series Endurance

Looking unto Jesus and learning that He won His race by keeping His focus on His Father. Do not grow weary or faint in times of uncertainty or times of crisis and trouble. Keep your focus on Jesus and the word of God for every situation. Day after day stay in faith and be strong […]

Focus on Jesus

We will face persecution and trials and storms can come from all sides. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith is the only right decision for a believer. Jesus pointed the disciples to heaven when He told them to not allow their hearts to be troubled. 

Sozo As Sooo. As Jesus Spoke

The Kingdom is voice activated and we have the power of life and death in our tongue. Your faith is activated as you speak the power of the word.